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Sinners of a millennium

January.26. 2020

I read the following today on CNN:

“… the Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission posted on social media that, “Anyone who puts the face of politicians before the interests of the people will be the sinner of a millennium to the people.”

Interesting how politicians all over the world tend to put their self interests ahead of the people and country.

Exhibit #1 of course is the self-proclaimed Stable Genius, but the Senate is not far behind.

With all that’s going on in Washington these days, perhaps we also need a Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission in this great country of ours to remind us to put country before self.

This so-called Land of the Free and Home of the (not so) Brave senators.


November.17. 2019

I have mentioned Andy Stanley before as an unusually enlightened preacher. (And he is, when he’s not preaching about money.)

Today, however, he disappointed me with his pronouncements on what greed is.

Greed, he says is holding on to what you have, and he goes on about hoarding and personal consumption.

I beg to differ, Andy, but greed is self-proclaimed messengers of God (aka pastors) looking at the hard-earned money of regular hard-working folks and saying, “Hey, God says you got to give me 10% of that!”

What goes around

March.15. 2019

Sad the mayhem that’s happening in the world today.

Innocent victims everywhere while the merchants of hate (from all quarters) continue to do their dastardly deeds.

In all this, one thing reigns supreme—the immutable laws of the universe.

Specifically, the law of return, or karma, or what goes around comes around.

God is love

February.10. 2019

Watching Christian TV, it seems like there is one phrase that is always popping up—God is love.

It’s almost like a mantra, a cliché, so easy to let roll off your tongue. (And of course hoping the jingle jangle of cash follows soon after.)

But it started me thinking.

What exactly is this love?

Love, as we know it, is mostly a human concept, a human emotion.

Surely the force, the energy that created the galaxies, quasars, black holes, supernovas, etc. surely this entity or being is beyond human emotions.

As the great Lao Tzu said, Heaven (God) is unhuman; It treats man like disposable straw dogs.

However, if we remove all the human corruptions of the term, we can see that, at its core, love is nothing but positive energy.

Positive energy that uplifts and creates.

Looking at the skies at night, it’s easy to see how the universe is overflowing with positive energy.

Just imagine the endless creation that is taking place all the time.

But you say; how about the black holes, the spent remnants of exploded stars, how about all the dead planets out there etc etc?

Isn’t there plenty of destruction in the universe?

Yes, superficially, but here’s the critical difference.

When the universe destructs, it’s actually an act of creation. From the destruction usually emerges another creation. Think of it as one stage of creation giving way to another.

As opposed to when men (with evil in their hearts) destruct, their destruction is pure annihilation, nothing good emerges.

So yes, it’s easy to see how the concept works.

God (the universe, the force that creates everything) is truly love.

You don’t have to look far. You feel that love in every breath you take.

How to live a blameless life

January.27. 2019

Living a blameless life is not difficult: there’s an easy way to do it. Just shift the blame to someone else.

(There’s actually another definition of the blameless life, but we’ll leave that definition to the self-righteous Sunday school crowd. For our purposes, a blameless life simply means you are free from all blame.)

Why take the blame when someone else can take it for you?

The blameless philosophy to life has spawned a whole industry of blame police and ambulance chasers, people who make their living blaming others for your problems.

The basic premise is simple.

You take absolutely no responsibility for your actions.

Everything that happens to you happens because of someone else’s fault.

The blameless approach to life has actually become the basis for an entire culture and religion.

In this culture, if you were to get into a cab, and the cab driver had an accident, he could sue you because if you hadn’t gotten into his cab in the first place, the accident would’ve never occurred.

In this culture and religion, whatever problems they have is always someone else’s fault.

For example, they look at their abject surroundings and they blame foreign aggression, or they blame another culture for their woes.

The fact that they’re incapable of governing themselves, or their propensity to saddle themselves with corrupt dictators, or their disregard for the values of hard work and sacrifice, and instead waste their time indulging in perversions and nonsensical beliefs.

No, none of this has anything to do with the miserable lives they have created for themselves.

You look at the world today and you see one group of people getting on with their lives and trying to build something of value every day.

And then you see another group intent on destroying everything the first group is building, simply because they have a “genuine grudge” against them. (Why? Because they blame the first group for all their problems.)

Just some random thoughts on a beautiful Sunday morning.

The real story

January.22. 2019

The shutdown currently afflicting the nation is the most absurd thing I’ve ever seen in politics, and I’ve seen a good deal.

If you don’t get what you want, punish a certain group of people, more specifically those who keep the country running and safe from its enemies.

It’s like Tom and Harry having a quarrel and to try to resolve the situation, they grab a poor innocent bystander, Dick, and starve him to death.

On the surface, that’s what it looks like but look beneath the surface, and there’s something more sinister going on.

There’s a real method to this apparent madness.

Let’s say you’re the Commander-in-Chief who also happens to be a Criminal-in-Chief, and the hounds are hot on your trail.

They’re literally barking at your front gates.

So what do you do?

You try to kill the hounds.

You try to starve them to death.

You’ve got nothing to lose. It’s a do or die situation for you and your family.

And to heck with the millions of people who have to work without a paycheck. They’re just so much collateral damage to you, the least of your concern.

The hounds are of course, the criminal justice system, the law enforcers, the FBI.

They’re the ones trying to keep the country safe from its enemies. And one of those enemies happens to be you, the famous no-collusion twitter guy on Pennsylvania Ave, the Siberian Candidate.

Brilliant move, but it’s only a temporary respite.

We’ll see how the strategy plays out in the next few weeks.

The ultimate gift that keeps on giving

November.25. 2018

As you might have suspected, I’m addicted to Daystar and when that’s not available, I watch GEB, so perhaps it’s an addiction to ‘Christian’ TV.

No, I haven’t been ‘born again.’

You could call it research.

I’m doing research. I’m fascinated by the human condition, in particular, the various methods of mind control being practiced by people on their fellow human beings.

Again, not because I want to utilize any of these mind control techniques myself but so I could avoid being entrapped by any of their methods of enslavement.

In my research, I’ve come to the conclusion that religion is the ultimate gift that keeps on giving.

What other gift will make people give you ten percent of their income willingly?

And how in the world do  you make them come back every week, listening to you spout nonsense after nonsense about fantastical scenarios that would make Lord of the Rings sound like a dull unimaginative school essay?

It’s not easy, but with the right elaborate mind control techniques, you can do just that.

The folly of man.

Or man’s incredible gullibility.

To be taken in by all this ‘refi.’ (I propose a new genre of fiction called religious fiction, much like science fiction.)

But milking money from their super duper foolish flock is just one of the gifts that religion gives to these con men.

It also gives power, instant power.

The minute you don on that robe, you’ve become God’s representative, a ‘father.’

You could be a mediocre nondescript individual that nobody would give the time of day to, but the minute you don on that robe, you’re a special member of the community, to be looked up with respect and reverence.

But there’s more.

For the more nefarious inclined, religion gives you the perfect cover to commit dastardly deeds.

Like preying on young children.

Not only can you prey on them with impunity, but you’re protected by the code of silence.

So does that imply that all ‘religious’ leaders are phonies?

Probably not.

You might find perhaps .1 percent of them who are really sincere.

Trouble is, if they’re really sincere, then they’re truly insane, to actually believe all the nonsense they’re preaching every day.

Next, a short summary of the nonsense, the methodology behind the gift that keeps on giving.

Song of Longing

November.21. 2018

I discovered Leonard Cohen many years ago.

I remember the first time I saw the white album in a dusty shop in a small town in Borneo, the one with the halftone pic at the front and Marianne at the back.

And finally getting the record.

And I haven’t stopped listening to him since.

What was it that drew me to him?

His ‘Book of Longing’ says it all.

Longing as in a sense of incompleteness, a sense that there’s something missing but you don’t know what it is.

Here’s my favorite song of his, possibly one of the most beautiful songs ever written.


Truth and happiness

November.18. 2018

I’ve been catching Andy Stanley on Daystar on Sundays. The man is an unusually enlightened Christian.

Today, he talked about a concept which seems to be universally true.

Most people do not want truth, they want happiness.

When presented with facts that are true and ‘facts’ that are false, they will usually chose the option that gives them happiness.

This is at the heart of all the conspiracy theories out there.

Many of these theories are way out wacky and yet people still prefer to believe them over real facts.

This is because stories that reinforce their worldview and their prejudices are comforting. And comforting news make people happy.

Whether the stories are actually true or not are of little relevance.

This is an important tool for politicians.

Facts don’t matter. What matters is saying things that people want to hear.

Interestingly enough, you could make up over 6000 false ‘facts’ and as long as they make people happy, they will continue to believe and support you.

Familiarity breeds contempt

October.15. 2018

There’s a saying that familiarity breeds contempt.

For example, perhaps you know someone who you think is a pretty good guy. Then you decide to become roommates with him.

And soon you find that he’s going through your stuff.

He’s leaving the bathroom in a mess every morning, and dishes are piling up in the kitchen sink.

And worst, he doesn’t pay his half of the rent.

That’s the meaning of familiarity breeds contempt.

He’s showing his true colors. The guy you thought you knew never existed.

There is such a person in the public limelight these days.

At first, I thought his abrasive personality was just an act.

I admired his forthrightness, his willingness to call it what it is.

For example, calling the chief instigator of the Iraq war a liar. Nobody had the guts to call out the former commander-in-chief before him.

The lie cost thousands of war dead and tens of thousands maimed for life. According to one military historian, it was the single biggest military blunder since Roman times.

Well, maybe not a blunder, because the hawks overseeing this misadventure knew exactly what they were after and it’s not WMD. (Perhaps something connected to Halliburton?)

Back to my point.

I even liked his policies.

You may have noticed a slight right wing tilt in my writing. I am not a liberal by any stretch of the imagination.

But this guy has turned out to be the biggest low life in public life.

The abrasiveness has turned out not to be an act but a complete disregard and disrespect for other people.

The childish name calling speaks of his insecurity and his constant need to demean and diminish others to make himself appear bigger.

But worst of all, to him, it’s all about enriching himself and filling his family’s coffers.

Many people enter politics to enrich themselves.

I figured this man is already a billionaire (or he claims to be), so he’s not in it for the money.

But how wrong was I!

At 72 years old, how much more money does a man need?

Luckily for the nation, there’re still some good men around. (None of them in the GOP, sadly!)

We’re looking for one particular good man to bring this sad chapter in the nation’s history to a close, actually two.

They say that it’s only during times of crisis that true heroes will emerge.

Well, we have two right now—Mr Rosenstein and Mr Mueller.

These two brave individuals are precisely what make America great.