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Enquiring minds want to know

November.8. 2014

So I see they have a new show on CNN called “This is Life.”

Riveting show.

I love seedy exposés and it does show Ms Ling’s obsessions. Or is it just good marketing?

We all know the Law of Sweeps Week.

Find the juiciest stories, make sure there’s plenty of s*x and titillating shots, because it’s all about ratings, baby.

Yes, Ms Ling’s obsessions.

Apparently, every week is Sweeps Week for her.

One week it’s about sugar daddies and the losers who live off them.

Then it’s strippers.

So whose life is this?

What about custodians? Or nurses? Or schoolteachers? Are they not living lives worthy of a little exposé too?

Not according to Ms Ling.

This week, it’s strippers. I’m guessing lapdancers are on next week.

The once proud CNN, now reduced to sleaze merchant. As they say, enquiring minds want to know.


Update: November 27, 2014

Inadvertently, while surfing channels the other day, I happened to see the talented and beautiful Ms Ling in action again.

I would’ve skipped to the next channel, but what was this?

She’s interviewing a Catholic priest! No lapdancers but a priest instead. Thinking that I owe Ms Ling an apology, I decided to listen in on the conversation.

And surprise, surprise!

Instead of some profound spiritual discourse that you might expect with a man of the cloth, the conversation was about intimacy (translation: S*X) and dating.

Ah, Ms Ling’s obsessions.

Guess no apology needed.